Welcome to the next edition of the Scribblezine! Scribblezine is late today. You should now that this is published in 23rd March 2010. It's March!! Happy St. Patricks Day! Now, the Scribblenaut Discoveries duo will search for the booby trapped Jewel of Yuhks. And, we're gonna see the new restaurant in the Daily Item Shop. We interview P35 in the news today and we have a new criminal in Police Arrests. In the Tips and Tricks section, be amazed of how to become an Ice Magi and a Fire Magi. You will be amazed by the heads in the Daily comments section. And, in Battle of the NPCs, will the Dragon move up to be the champion? Stay Tuned!!

Fake NewsEdit

Scribblenaut DiscoveriesEdit

Hahhaha... Hello!! It's me, MM230. No one has wielded Volkenwrath's Sword yet. Yes people! It's still up for grabs!! Anyway, we're going with my buddy P35 here to find the Jewel of Yuhks. It is a rare jewel. it belonged to the king of Scribblenaut Wiki -- Yuhks himself. We're going to Yuhk's temple. I heard it is full of booby traps, more like "baaby traps" I've gone through this kind of place for my whole life! Nothing will stop me! I will rul-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *technical difficulties, please standby* Ugh, I just triggered a trap. I could have sworn I saw that, but I didn't. "I would have knew you would be distracted" Look!! Skeleton Warriors! MM230 (Lv. 3) and P35 (Lv. 3) vs. Skeleton Warrior 2x (Lv. 2), MM230 used Headshot, Skeleton Warrior A took 61 damage. Skeleton Warrior A fainted. P35 use Double shot. Skeleton Warrior B took 57 damage. Skeleton Warrior B fainted. Phew, and I thought I was *a Skeleton Warrior appears* gonna... *10 Skeleton Warriors appear* meet........ *100 Skeleton Warriors appeared* a whole....... *1,000 Skeleton Warriors appeared* army............... *10,000 Skeleton Warriors appear* of them.............. *100,000 Skeleton Warriors appear* OK, we're dead meat. *1,000,000 Skeleton Warriors appear* RUN!!!!!!!!!! "No, we can't! We're surrounded!" NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO BE CONTINUED...

The Daily Item ShopEdit

I'm zo glad. Im getting ze customers! Oh, bonjour, welcome to ze Daily Item Shop. Let me introduze you to our newest attraton, P35's Cuisine!! It its a 3 star restaurante slowly getting more famos by ze minute!! It iz said to give us food tht we never exzpected!! It has nice fluffy leather chairs. Fast waiters!!!! *ZOOM!!>>>>>* Oh, hello, "Would like to order something, ma'am?" For zour information! I am Monsieur! Not Madame! "OOOKKKK......" we alzo have stupid waiters who cant tell men from women. I spit at these waitors. Anywayz be zure to order somethin from ze menu!!

Menu: Delicious Lunch on Meat, Car-fried eggs.

P35's CuisineEdit

Hello! This is P35 reporting! We have most votes for Russian-made Hamburgers! so, we're going to make that today.

Ingredients: Bread, Vooka, Potatoes, Car, Snow, Potato Skin, more Vooka, water from a frozen lake


1. First, turn on the engine of the car

2. Fry the potato on the car.

3. Take a piece of bread and put the potato on it.

4. Add snow, vooka, potato skin and frozen lake water as a little flavouring.

5. And here it is! Russian-Made hamburgers.

Review: Ok, here it goez! *munch* S'l vous plait! What did you put in zis disgusting thing! Why! It tazte like potato and vooka! Anywayz 1/10 pointz. Dumb burgers, yuck!