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Hello to this month's edition of the Scribblezine, January!!!! Made any New Year Resolutions? Today at the Scribblenaut Discoveries, our beloved reporter is out to find the feared Cthulu and with many many candy, sweets and lollies... The Daily Shop!!!!!!!! And the news today and police arrests is very baffling. And we learn how to glitch a Starite and fight with ease in the Tips and Tricks section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today's Daily Comments section features lots of exciting new comments and even a new style. And in Battle of the NPCs, we have an Ocean themed battle. That's all for the foreword. And remember -- READ ON!!!!!!!!

Fake News Edit

Scribblenaut Discoveries Edit

Lovely, Lovely. It's me, MM230. I going on a cave adventure to find a Cthuhul. It's a monstrous beast and I'm willing to defeat it and catch it. I'm in my Car with a new sidekick -- Pokemon 35!!!!!!! Pokemon 35 is my new pal in adventures. I'm armed with a Shotgun while my pal P35 is armed with a Pistol. "MM230. we've arrived." Ok, let's go!! This cave sure is creepy... Don't worry. If we stick together. BATSSSSS EEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!! Don't worry!! Combat: DUEL! MM230 (Lv.1), P35 (Lv.1) vs. Bat 2x (Lv.7, Lv.6). MM230 used Trick Shot! Bat A lost 67 HP, Bat A fainted! MM230 gained a level. Bat B used Supersonic. P35 has been hypnotized! P35 used Roundhouse Kick. MM230 lost 8 HP, 12 HP left. MM230 used Lunge! Bat B lost 46 HP. Bat B fainted. P35 is still hypnotized, weaken him to make him snap out of it! P35 used Bullet! MM230 lost 6 HP, 6 HP left. MM230 used Rapid Fire! P35 lost 18 HP!! Critical Hit!!! P35 snapped out of confusion. WON!!! Whoa...... That bat made you go haywires. Anyway, let's heal. All characters healed. Now, we fight... the Cthulu. MM230 (Lv.2), P35 (Lv.1)  vs. Siege 2x (Lv.1, Lv.1) Cthulhu (Lv.3). MM230 used Reinforcement. Siege lost 203 HP. Cthulhu lost 164 HP. Siege A fainted. Siege B fainted. Cthulhu has 42 HP left. Cthulhu used Metal Claw. P35 lost 523 HP. P35 fainted. MM230 used Trick Shot. Cthulhu lost 43 HP. Cthulhu fainted. MM230 gained a level. P35 gained a level. Victory! We caught the Cthulhu!!!!!!!!! Glory, Glory Hallelujah!!

The Daily Shop Edit

Hello! Tozay in ze Daily Shop, we have a very special guest. Prezenting, Pokemonz 35!!! He iz gonna pick hiz favourire item in ze whole shop, zo what zoo you like? We have ze snacks! "Well, snacks sounds nice..." Oh we alzo have ze furniture and an ATM. Do you like ze Petz Store? Why don't you check out ze cool lotteryand ze perfect palace, ze luxory!!! And here we have ze food court and ze Video Game Shop with a special game -- Scribblenauts. And a... a.... Pokemonz 35? Where are you!? *Searches the whole shop* Oh there you are, what are you looking at? Honh? Ze Snack Shop? You were here all ze time!!!!! YOU MISSED ZE WHOLE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well reader, I guess we have  foundz out what part of ze shop Pokemonz 35 likes....... HEY!!!! What are you eating!!!!!! That cozt 50$!!!!! You owe me money!!!!

News Edit

Strange, strange yeah I see. Today, we are having an interview with a French writer, Tegi tatwritesfr Dailishp (Pronounced: The guy who writes for the Daily Shop) welcome.

Host: Hi

Monsieur Guy: Hello.

H: I heard you run the Daily Shop.

MG: Of course I do.

H: What's your most special happening at the shop.

MG: Well, an hour ago, I waz tour guiding nothing.

H: Harsh.

MG: Yes.

H: So, I'm sure you're familiar with your common customers.

MG: Oh no. Lately, buziness iz not going very well.

H: Oh...... so I see, well I encourae you to grab more friends and sign up for Wikia. Come here to Scribblenauts Wiki and visit the daily shop.

MG: Thanks for ze advertising.

H: No prob. Stay tuned for more news and interviews.

Police Arrests Edit

So far, we haven't caught the Masked Breakdancer yet. *everybody in the studio starts screaming and running around in circles* WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway there's a new villain on the loose, Maxwell was looking for three crooks. He haven't found one of them. They call them selves the Threatening Trio, which is a good name for them for Maxwell has gotten a good number of threatening notes, most probably from the TT. *everybody in the studio starts screaming and running around in circles* AW COME ON!!!!!! ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE IN THE STUDIO COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tips and Tricks Edit

Today, we learn how to glith a Starite.

First type Handcuff, type Vending Machine, attach the Handcuff to the Starite, attach the other end to the Vending Machine, click "Fill", drag the Vending Machine to you, click the Vending Machine, grab the Starite.

We also learn which are the stronger NPCs.

Kraken Trex God

That's all for today, see you next time.

Daily Comments Edit

Today's subject: Car. what do you guys think abpout Car?

"The Car is so ordinary, try something more sporty"

-- Pokemon 35

"It's not much, but it's something..."

-- Marioman23230


-- John

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Battle of the NPCs Edit

Today in Battle of the NPCs, we have an Ocean themed battle. Oh yeah, around the game, there will be items that ruins the battle or helps it. Ok. Our first contestant: Shark!!! With his sharp teeth, he is sure to gorge into the flesh of the other contestants.Contestant numbuh two: Whale!!!! His ginormous size serves as an advantage. And three: Gulper Eel!!!! his huge mouth will GULP everything *gulp*. Finally we have, strangely: Merlion.I can't help laughing! Half-fish and half-lion!! Hahahhahah!!!!!!! hoho, I should stop hoho, laughing. Battle START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Whale starts off with a nice breach!! The Shark who is close knocked onto land. The Shark is drowned!! But don't worry, in this game, each character has three lives. So, the Shark is on life two. The Whale's breach's force that it knocked out the tiny brain of the Gulper Eel, it is stunned!! The Merlion uses this to his advantage and bites the Gulper Eel on the neck, killing it. With only one target, he bites the Whale. And then... 1...2...3!!!!!!! The Whale is raged!!!!!!!!!!!! Aiee!#*(#%%T$U&*%^ *Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By.* *Gasp* That was .......... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, the Merlion was (obviously) killed. As all three revive, they all realize the real threat is the Whale. They all bite till it dies. In the process, Gulper Eel was killed. Merlion vs. Shark, they lunge at each other. And....... the Merlion was hit on the face!!!!!!!! It died!!!!!! Cool... the three revive. Oh oh.... WHIRLPOOL!!!!!! Everyone was sucked into the vortex and were knocked out!!! There goes the Merlion and the Gulper Eel. Now, it's the Whale vs. the Shark, the Whale used breach, but the Shark was smart enough not to go into the shore.He bites the hide of the Whale, bleeding it. If it survives the next 5 minutes he will win the championship. The shark and the Whale started high speed pursuit. with the Whale swimming at that speed, the blood that comes out of the wound increases. Alas, the Whale wasn't able to outrun the Shark and died of its wound. And the winner is, the Shark!!!!!! It dodged the Gulper Eels bites, it braved the lunge of the Merlion, and outran the speed of the Whale. Congrats to our winner, the Shark!!!!!!

1st: Shark

2nd: Whale

3rd: Merlion

4th: Gulper Eel