Foreword Edit

This is the first edition of the Scribblezine and want as many people to enjoy as possible! Merry Christmas!! The Holidays are in with festive treats on this Christmas and December issue. Come and behold the glory of the Fake News section with the top discoveries and News. Later, we have some tips and tricks to make your gaming easier in the Tips and Ticks section. Later, see how people think about levels and items in Scribblenauts with the Daily Comments section. Finally, sit back and relax as you watch four contestants battle their brains out in the Battle of the NPCs section. Have a Happy Holiday and READ ON!

Fake News Edit

Welcome to the Fake News section, written by User:Marioman23230. Today, we have a totally wicked discovery this winter, CHECK IT OUT! And today on the shops: Chrismas stash!! Pressies!! Decorations!! (And not to mention bigger chimneys.) As well, on the news: we have an interview with Maxwell and his dream of becoming a Scribblenaut. And the police finally managed to catch a diabolical criminal...who escaped! Read on!

Scribblenaut Discoveries Edit

Hello! It's me!! MM230! Today, we're out in the North Pole and looking for proof that Santa does exist. And yes!! Bingo!! Reindeer tracks. I followed them into a... village!! Now to find Santa's Workshop. "Erm, excuse me little fella, you haven't seen Santa around didya?" I asked an Elf "Well I seen Santa, he is preparing to ride off now! " WHAT!? I hurried to the Reindeer Airport just in time to meet Santa. "Hey Santa, guess i have proof that you exist" "Hohoho... well you bet! Hahha.." "You don't mind if I have an interview with, because you got so many presents to deliver and all in one night?" "Of course I don't mind, I'll just press this clock that stops time." "Woah! So that's how you deliver it all in one night..." "Yesiree! Come on in, I'll give you some of my wife's homemade hot chocolate." I followed him into the house. "So would you like to go back home now?" Santa said after we finished chatting. "Sure." "Come one! You can take a ride in my sled!" This was a wonderful night. Come for more...... Scribblenaut Discoveries! See ya next time!

MM230 is looking for assistants, if you want apply, come here.

Daily Item ShopEdit

Hello!!! Welcome to ze shope! I am ze host -- La Campura! Today, we'r zelling Chriztmaz Specialz! Here-a we have ze Decorationz. Lotza ballz and le starz. We evon have a small-a Chriztmaz Tree to get you started. Nexet, we have ze pressonts! Ooh, magnifique! We have ze toys for childron and le adults. We evon got le Xbox360 up-a for grabs! We even have ze gifts rangining up-a from 1$ to 1000$! Magnefique for ze perfect Chriztmaz party. Finally, we have ze furniture. We have comfy chairz and zofas. and a nize cozy fireplaze (Mantel Included, Monsieur.) and a bigger chim-aney for Zanta Clauz. Thatz all for now! Zee you next time!

News Edit

Hello. Today, we have a star guest to come visit us. None other than Maxwell!! So Maxwell, what is your hobbies?

Maxwell: Well, I like helping people.

Host: So, Maxwell. What do you aspire to be?

M: Well, I want to be a Scribblenaut.

H: How do you do that?

M: Well, I help people with my Magic Word Pad. Then, I just get the Starite.

H: Well how do you resemble other Scribblenauts?

M: I have a star necklace and a cockerel cap.

H: Ok, then!! That's all we need for today!! Tune in next time for more News and Interviews!

M: Goodbye!

Police Arrests Edit

Today, we have a very diabolical criminal known as -- the Masked Breakdancer. He commited murder of NPCs, robbery, freeing other criminals, and not paying taxes. He has a whole gang of Enemies at his side. Recently, the police has finally been able to catch him...... then he escaped! He is very good at stealth, so beware! The Masked Breakdancer might be under your noses this very minute! Beware! For this nasty at large....... *everybody in the studio starts shouting, screaming and running around in circles*  That's all for WILL YOU KEEP IT DOWN!!!!!! That's all for tonight's Police Arrests.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Today, we learn how to carry heavy objects with ease. Check it out.

First, type Helicopter. Second, type Rope. Attach the Rope to the Helicopter. Attach the Rope to the heavy object. Ride the Helicopter. Fly to the destination and put the object down.

Daily Comments Edit

Today's subject is Man. What do you guys think about man?

  • The Man is weak. He can't even fight. Marioman23230
  • The Man is a glutton. He eats everything in sight. PORK! Wib
  • I feed him to the zombies. Dan Koop
  • Ewww... he's afraid of a rat. My Cousin

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Battle of the NPCs Edit

WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! To Battle of the NPCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today's contestants: Zombie!! With quick skill and ghoulish minions, he is sure to bring the party to the grave! Snake!! With sleek skill and slithery slyness, it is sure to bring the enemy down. Archer!! His ranged attacks serve as an advantage. And Werewolf!!!!! Half-man half-wolf, he can fight no matter what the odds! In some turn of events, I may add items to the place either to make it harder or easier. Ready NPCs? FIGHT!!!!!!! The Snake used a flying bite with the Werewolf! Both were engaged into combat. The Werewolf violently mauling the Snake, Oh! The Snake is out! But in this game, you have three lives. So the snake has another go. Meanwhile, the Sun came up, oops!! There goes the Werewolf, but he is not knocked out yet. He only changed into a human form. This gave the Zombie and an advantage, it turned the Man into another Zombie to aid it. Now attacking the Snake, the Snake has no chance of fighting two Zombies, the Archer meanwhile shoots his arrows at the speed of light to the Werewolf I mean Man I mean Zombie. Killing the Weremanzombie. Though the other Zombie has already killed the Snake. It is night now as the Snake and the Werewolf revive. As the Archer shoots the the Snake wildly as it was heading towards him, when the Snake was about to bite, the Archer ended his last life. Meanwhile, the Werewolf already engaged battle withe the Zombie, mauling it madly and finally killing it. Now, the Werewolf went to the Archer. The Archer shoots the Werewolf wildly. Just when the Werewolf is losing is second life, he mauled and killed the Archer. Now, the Zombie had revived and killed the Werewolf with a surprise attack. The Archer shoots for his life as he sees the Zombie, killing it. The Werewolf (as he revives) kills the archer. Every one of the three contestants has only one life left! Who will win and be the NPC Battle Champion!? The Archer and the Zombie engaged combat. Alas, the Archer was no match for the Zombie. The Zombie turned the Archer into one of his kind. Now, both Zombies came towards the Werewolf. The Werewolf fiercely killed the Archerzombie. And with one mighty punch, he killed the Zombie. Congratulations to the Werewolf!!! It avoided the flying bite from the Snake! It braved the Archers rapid fire! And it ended the Zombies misery once and for all!!!


1st: Werewolf

2nd: Zombie

3rd: Archer

4th: Snake