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Maxwell is the main character of the game. He is the starting avatar.

Maxwell always wears a red rooster helmet with earphones, light blue T-shirt with a yellow star on it, dark green pants, and light blue shoes but you can always summon other clothing and put it on top of Maxwell's clothing. The rooster helmet covers Maxwell's ears, hair, and neck.

He has this never changing smile on his face.

Does a split when he jumps.

You can summon a rooster helmet or use scribblenautical adjective (secret adjective of Super Scribblenauts.) and put it on top of his rooster helmet. It looks slightly bigger than the original.

You can also summon lolwut, which is a bigger version of Maxwell's head that you and others can wear, da man, which is the scribblenauts cartridge, and "Maxwell" which is Maxwell's evil twin!

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