Puzzle SolutionEdit

Hint: Give two of them what they would use in their hands.

Solution 1: Give the Cop a Pistol and give the Doctor a Vacccine.

Solution 2: Give the Cop a Donut and give the Firefighter a Hose (Water). (Precaution: When giving the Firefighter a Hose, click Pick Up instead of Attach.)

Solution 3: Give the Cop a Shotgun and give the Doctor a Medicine.

Puzzle AppearanceEdit

You start in a valley in the middle of 4 humans. To your right: A Firefighter and a Doctor. To the left: a Chef and a Cop. There is a Tree and a Flower on top of the cliff.

Action Solution Edit

Hint: Get it down.

Solution 1: Use an Axe to chop the Redwood.

Solution 2: Use a Jetpack to fly to the Starite

Solution 3: Use a Chainsaw to chop the Redwood.

Action Appearance Edit

You start in front of a Redwood (which you are suppose to cut down of course) holding the Starite.